ambivalent future: Kurosawa Kiyoshi

In this film, director FUJII Kenjiro of "near equal Moriyama Daido" (01) provides an intimate portrait of the filming of "bright future" (02), directed by KUROSAWA Kiyoshi. FUJII takes the "making-of" film to a higher level and creates a unique documentary offering an insight into the art of KUROSAWA Kiyoshi, the filmmaker. Naturally, this film features behind-the-camera scenes from "bright future", which unfolds in a low-key manner unimaginable for conventional film production. Of even greater interest is the image of KUROSAWA Kiyoshi that emerges from the testimony of those involved in "bright future", including actors, producers, and KITAMURA Michiko, costume designer for this film. And of even greater interest still is KUROSAWA Kiyoshi himself candidly discussing his approach to his filmmaking. It is not difficult to imagine the effort that must have been required to coax these comments from the director. As a record of the Japanese filmmaker currently attracting the most international attention, this is a valuable piece of work.

  FUJII Kenjiro, Director
Born 1968 in Tokyo. Upon graduation from the law faculty of Keio University, worked at a TV station. Then went on to complete Master's degree in arts (film) at Waseda University, working part-time as an assistant to an advertising cameraman. Joined a documentary production company and was involved in directing and shooting short documentaries, and educational videos. In 2001 directed the feature-length documentary "near equal Moriyama Daido", which covered the work of the photographer MORIYAMA Daido. The film was given general release to receive a warm welcome. "ambivalent future: Kurosawa Kiyoshi" is FUJII's second full-length documentary.
Filming a film director for a documentary is a task one approaches with some trepidation. A task to be avoided, if at all possible. I succumbed to this temptation, unable to resist the thrill of viewing challenging KUROSAWA Kiyoshi at work through the lens. And why choose digital video as the medium? Because I find something alluring in the flimsiness of magazines, I chose a "flimsy" means of filming... Right now, I wish to affirm this way of making documentaries. I hope that even those, or especially those who are not film fanatics, will see his film. My belief is that not great artist, not just film directors, should become the exclusive property of only the most addicted fans.

(refered from the 3rd Tokyo Filmex Film Festival 2002 official catalog)

TOKYO Cine Amuse (Shibuya) 03-3496-2888
TOKYO opening Feb 8, Night shows only
OSAKA Cine Libre (Umeda)  06-6440-5930
OSAKA opening Feb 15, Night shows only
KYOTO Minami Kaikan 075-661-3993
KYOTO Opening Feb 15, Night shows only
HOKKAIDO Theater Kino (Sapporo) 011-231-9355
HOKKAIDO Opening Feb 15, Night shows only
AICHI Gold Theater (Nagoya) 052-241-0936
AICHI Opening early March Night shows only
HYOGO  Cine Libre (Kobe) 078-334-2126
HYOGO  opening March, Night show only

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ambivalent future: Kurosawa Kiyoshi
2002/ Japan/ 75min./ Color/ DV,35mm
Director: FUJII Kenjiro
Cast: KUROSAWA Kiyoshi/ ODAGIRI Joe/ ASANO Tadanobu/ FUJI Tatsuya/ KITAMURA Michiko/ HARADA Yasuaki
Producers: ASAI Takashi
Production Company/ World Sales/ Distributor in Japan: UPLINK Co.